Who Supplies our Drinking Water in WA?


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Most of urban regions in WA are supplied by Scheme Water that are both licensed and regulated. There are some smaller suppliers that service some regional places in WA but most relevant info can be found on the Water Corporation website.

Scheme Water is regulated by the Department of Health  providing assurance to West Australians that our water is of good quality and suitable for consumption.

However, there are a lot of people on private supplies predominantly from groundwater fed by on-site bores.  This is also known and referred to as Bore Water.  The onus on the suitability of water from a Bore becomes the owners responsibility.  The Department of Health has provided a specific Bore Water page that provides a lot of good info for those concerned. The most important thing to take away from those on Bore Water, is that you should test your water and do it regularly to ensure your water is fit for purpose.

August 11, 2021

Written by Cerys Moore

Contact: clmoore@enveng-group.com.au