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Integraflow Water Care specialise in delivering the latest products and information for improving your water supply. We have extensive experience in water filtration technology servicing domestic, commercial and rural markets.

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Whole House Filtration

Water Softeners

These units treat all your incoming supply to remove hard minerals that clog plumbing and appliances, scale shower screens and corrode tap fittings. Your hair and skin will never feel better and many people with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis find showering in softened water of great benefit for their condition.

Cartridge Filtration

These units filter all your incoming supply through a sediment and carbon cartridge removing the dirt and chlorine improving taste, smell and clogging of appliances. These cartridges are also available in single multipurpose housings for low demands. Combine a water softener with cartridge filtration for the ultimate in household water quality.

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