Water Treatment Solutions. Domestic & Commercial.

Integraflow Water Care specialise in delivering the latest products and information for improving your water supply. We have extensive experience in water filtration technology servicing domestic, commercial and rural markets.

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Meters & Treatment Chemicals


We have a wide range of water testing equipment such as pH and salt meters for different applications.

Test Kits

We have a selection of test kits for drinking water, environmental and aquaculture applications.

Treatment Chemicals

We have and can recommend suitability on a wide range of chemicals such as products to clear muddy water and disinfectants for drinking supplies.

Microbiological Filtration

UV Sterilisation Units

These filters are fitted into a household supply line and disinfect the water by using a strong UV light. They are ideal for private water supplies such as rain and bore water reducing the risk of waterborne pathogens causing stomach upsets and some skin conditions. Small units are also available for under sink use that disinfect a drinking water supply, unlike chlorine they do not add any taste, residue or unwanted chemicals.

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